As of February 9th 2016 I began my publishing journey and have written numerous books.  These books can be purchased through Amazon presently and Smashwords a little later on.  Click on the link below each image of the book and find yourself perusing for your reading pleasure.



At your perusal showing 30 poems in the book you will be able to sit back and enjoy while he paints vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind and enable you to Seeing the Whisper



For your perusal is a 30 poem book that you will be able to sit back and enjoy while I paint

vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind and I will take you on a journey of Whispered Screams.



Using words, sentences and paragraphs you will find yourself in pages that you will begin to rewrite the universe.  Enjoy this 30 poem book where I will paint vivid imagery to your mind.




For your perusal with 30 poems in the book you will be able to sit back and enjoy while I paint vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind and through the shimmering filaments in the trees I will magically take you on a journey of words.



There is 25 pages in this poetry book. The poems will speak to you of a journey long ago when you counted the twinkles until the last one before going to bed. This poetry paint extreme and vivid imagery which will impress you for a long time.



For your perusal with 25 poems in the book you will be able to sit back and enjoy while I

paint vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind.  Come let your dream fly while you read.




At your perusal is a 30 poem book that you will be able to sit back and enjoy while I paints vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind and get caught in The Poetic Web



For your perusal with 30 poems in this poetry book you will be able to sit back and enjoy

while I paint vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind and see why your shadow follows



At your perusal is a 30 poem book and  you will be able to sit back and enjoy while Joseph paints vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind.  Take a journey with Wandering Genesis



This book will showcase free form Haiku poetry. Short and punchy is what you will find in the ecstasy of words that will paint a memorable Haiku Journey at your perusal with 126 poems in the book you will be able to sit back and enjoy while he paints vivid imagery on the canvas of your mind. A free form Haiku and acrostic Haiku as well will be yours to read.



This book of acrostic poems, acrostic free form haiku, and 50 word poems, consist mostly of numerous acrostic poems (Acrostic poems consist of a word spelled vertically being downwards with sentences or words going horizontally, across describing the word.  You will find the odd 50 word story and acrostic haiku.  This book covers North American holidays and I do apologize for not including other nations other than Canada and the United States of America.  Perhaps if you live in another nation please pick up the quill and put ink to paper to exercise the birth of another acrostic poetry book with holidays celebrated in your nation.  At your perusal there are many acrostic poems, acrostic haiku poems and 50 word stories where Joseph will paint imagery into your mind.



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