Death of a soul




Death of a Soul


I ate from the dust of cosmic dawning and spat out crackling stars,

While the light’s curiosity wanders into unknown landscapes painted by desire,

And the vision was on fire with drooping flames of pity.

We saw you claw ferociously at the fabric of blood soaked dimensions.

We also watched your hungry sabers slice through many cups of spilled chaos,

As we listened to the endless cesspool of human thoughts gone mad.

An anathema of esoterica ceased with a display of bruised lips and a knock on the chin.

The dark cloak smothered the stars and my precarious birthing took place amongst the vapors

of genie lamps.

I am everyone’s star twinkling anguish over a chosen life.

I belong to darkness within the Jaws of Life;

Bleeding the nights into pandemonium,

With masquerade shades of the moon,

And a simple silver language spoken.

A betrayal of the essence of regeneration tumbling for a fall and quickened into reality.

The curtain of Genesis now ripped and trying to sew itself up in tribulation.

A sackcloth dissertation veiled tightly over my listless spirit regurgitating life and experiences.

The soul of my flame begins an irreverence of dying down,

While the tongue hangs out, dripping of non-viability soured by an innate pulse.

This is when a death of a soul occurred in the upheaval of the ethers.

A dead soul was decried in the universe and beyond non compo mentis comprehension.

It wasn’t the first.

It spoke of carnal fire that speaks of lust.

And then,

A flicker was seen out of the darkness.








Bathing in the stars



Bathing in stars


Sparkling fireflies of the night,

With a penchant mystery for echoing lit solitude.

The secrets of the star with undetermined energy,

Speaks of their astrological jargon repeated in the travel of time.

Earth dwellers ride the twinkles in foggy eyes seeking truths.

A sign perhaps eloquently diluted of its meaning over time.

I sent a muse to the seductive moon who roams to the twist of madness,

Stirred in a basket of thoughts confined,

Static, in the symphony of the sky.

I wrote a message within a message which twinkled up the sky.

I ate into grief momentarily to banish and essence.

If I could unshackle myself from this prison,

I would take wing yesterday and bathe with the stars.

in stars



The morning of night


The morning of night


Bedding the day

Good night

Tucked away

In cotton sheets

Until tomorrow

In the present

Sun wakes

Being chased

By moon

Which disappears

In silvery dreams

Until night

Until day

The chase goes on


Good day

Moon, Sun

Framed in nature


I felt your touch – One year ago you left

March 29, 2016 is when my partner passed and this poem on the anniversary of passing is my dedication. This poem below is the poem I wrote last year shortly after my partner’s passing. Am I still grieving? In a way I will always be grieving and I have accepted that the ache in my soul will always be there ready to ignite with memories. It is like the ache I have had as a child wanting to go home. Not this earthly home but home. That is an ache that will never go away as well. I have moved on with my life in a positive course. I feel the rising and where that rising takes me, I know that I will develop spiritually more on my way home. The weight has lifted. I see the world with different eyes from the soul. I have my fire back in life and as I said to move on. I hope you are all well.

I felt your touch

I felt your touch upon my face.

A hand that is no more.

It was only goosebumps from the other side.

You were the half of my heart that made me whole.

A sanctuary upon a sanctuary, a sanctuary of Eden

As I sensed you in my garden.

My haven you are welcome to visit.

Trying to tell me what it was like in the afterlife.

But secrets kept between us – never – except for this one.

And they keep moving the moon around me all night.

I felt your touch upon my face.

A hand that is no more.

It was only goosebumps from the other side.

Our souls were twined in a mysterious way, a magical way.

Something unique, something to cherish.

I’ve cried all my dry tears and now they tumble wet.

I’m so tired of crying tears of memories.

As I write you a song scribbled on my essence.

One of sorrow, one of pain.

Missing the lips I kissed goodnight.

And the misery of my soul is where I am lost.

I felt your touch upon my face.

A hand that is no more.

It was only goosebumps from the other side.

The flame still flickers in my heart for my turn to go home.

To frolic in the ether of a new beginning with you.

I fervently wait for this day.

It can’t come soon enough.

The day is unknown to me, another well-kept secret.

Like twinkling stars that are out of reach.

As I also see the twinkling of your life that you had here on earth.

All that matters is when you touch my soul.

As I die a little bit more inside.

I felt your touch upon my face.

A hand that is no more.

It was only goosebumps from the other side.

This was our song………..Ditto ❤

Reminiscent of energy being absorbed to the other side.  ( Must see until the end )

The Hebrew term Abaddon, and its Greek equivalent Apollyon, appears in the Bible as a place of destruction. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon often appears alongside the place שאול, meaning the realm of the dead.


No genie in my cup


No genie in my cup


Sitting on the porch

With tea in hand

No genie out of cup

No wish for today

No fantasy turned into reality

I always miss out

Today is not the day

Tea almost all gone

No conjuring of genie

No appearance

Maybe tomorrow

To capture the elusive one

I sit

I ponder

I sit on the porch

With tea in hand

No wisp of a genie

That rises from my cup

No one wish for today

I always miss out

No genie in the teapot!

I guess the genie is me.