To catch a star



To catch a star

There is a lullaby sung long ago in the silence of the universe.

Rocked by the sea in a mermaids tail under the dark veil of night.

Pendants of stars hung by the ceiling of the sky illuminates our journey in the darkest recesses of our lives.

Crossed over I call out to the one I lost grabbing my own star.

We sit.  We ponder.  We sigh.  We wonder.  We cry.  Humanity asunder.

The clouds sew themselves together and blanket the lost souls who have wandered in the dark forest of their dreams.

Lightning strikes our thoughts and a frenzy of incendiary images set themselves to our minds dissolving the images by the gentle raindrops that soothe our essence and flows back into the rocking sea where a mermaid’s tail waits once again.

The cycle.

A message to send,

Waiting to ascend and within us, our gardens to tend.

Love is all there ever was and is.










Sweet songs of the earth



Sweet songs of the earth


She woke me from my solitude

With her soft whispering songs.

That gave me a soul lift.

With wings for which I long.


She sang for who would listen.

Her music became ever so sweet.

Her voice crystal clear.

Her songs in my essence to keep.


On white fluffy clouds, I dream.

My slumber is peaceful and sound.

My heart cradled in love.

Her new melody is found.






Hard to wrap your mind around it but he can do both voices

Marcelito “Mars” Pomoy (born September 22, 1984) is a Filipino singer, known for his ability to sing in both tenor and soprano. He is the grand winner of the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent.[1][2]

The singer’s higher-pitched “female” voice is praised by critics, though his flawed diction and propensity for technical errors have left reviewers less impressed.[3]


The wings that lift



The wings that lift


Oh! Butterfly come fly with me.

With your stained-glass wings.

A kaleidoscope playing in the sun.

Come to me butterfly.

Come tell me your story.

With my essence in my shadows.

Oh! Butterfly.

Take wing with my soul.

Butterflies stitching my dreams.

In beautiful fluffy clouds.

That lets rain be my tears.

Cascading down into a stream.

Carrying me to new destinations.

Your wings are wings that lift.

Oh! Butterfly come fly with me.



An awaken destiny



An awaken destiny


My eyelids opened to a new universe crunching my past lives into tomorrow’s destiny that calculated

the reincarnation to precision.

The law of one.

It took a falling leaf to tell me….

I got a call from my soul when you made yourself invisible.

The dark was of light and the light was of darkness in a dimension gone wrong.

Now my hands are tied to express myself freely.




You shaped my heart



You shaped my heart


I spread my wings, I fly and a rainbow takes me.

The whirlwind of many days saw me with no rest on the peace


My breath was taken away,

With a vision of you,

Which made my heart flutter.

And, no one knows how to shape my heart.

I look over the horizon,

Waiting for the bridge to unite us.

All the while looking up at the stars.

One shines brightly while the other one has died.

Yet, I see the twinkle of you.

And no one knows how to shape my heart.

I roll over with morning sunshine.

And you are not there.

Then reality hits,

But I have a keepsake in my soul I keep.

And before my eyes, you come alive.

A dream – a puff of smoke.

You strummed my strings.

You played my love.

And this is the fire inside of me blazing.

You’ve ignited the flame of my heart.

You’ve have shaped me on the potter’s wheel.

The earth crumbles all around me.

A sign of our beating heart as we are one.

And no one knows how to shape my heart but you.