The echoes’ of the ancients



The echoes’ of the ancients


The lure of the silky hand from the ancients are beckoning you.

Summoning from the echoes of life.

Calling from the inner knowing.

The whispers of the winds renew themselves.

Breathing their messages through the leaves.

Where all is heard,

Where all is whispered,

Where all is looped back in the essence of time







Years of madness



Years of madness


I wandered through the darkness digging at my past in the soul breeze of recollection.

From a morning burst, a phrase from my thoughts speaks in a twilight of broken dreams.

The passion inside drapes itself over a perjury that stumbled into a heretic’s lexicon.

Prepare at will the claws of voice strings unravelling to become a veritable noose around your ideas.

While purging the nervousness of comfort which sinks into the song of peeling humanity’s skin back to

the beginning while watching the universe perspire.

Now we teeter on the justice scale entering the reverie in the web of insanity foretold.

The clouds shed away the red moon drip and covered the sackcloth sun, a sky yelling and hollering of

predictions that have passed.

Pretension the face of the new red waiting by the river of shadow melding in the new black.

The breath of an impression of becoming our stories slams into the walls of reverence.

Our holistic avenues dug up and paved with the sting of humanity nestled amongst the all-knowing

spectacles of collusion.

I caught fireflies in my jar to light my way in the darkness of your life put on the altar of nirvana being


A door way to sanctity, a mind for sale, a brain to munch-a chill, an ice cube of desire with the glint of a

diamond expiring with the melt of chivalry.

The iron backbone serves its purpose and must bend at times with the braiding of kingdoms under the

spell of ingenuity.

A meadow of feelings sway in the wind of chance during an upheaval of scattering seeds in the face of

doing same under the umbrella of progeny.

The walls speak the smell of defeat and I ask, “Where are the birds?” – A sign to purge.

Staining the relationship between oneness and the ego which paints a lone canvas painting its own lone

canvas caressing the conduits of praise.

A trickle of sanity shows itself deduced by showing me the thunder dancing with the clouds showing me

something else than a life being wasted.




Blinded by darkness



Blinded by darkness


Oh! Night serene.  Oh! Calm of day.

I chase you gallantly granted by the pull of pensive enticement wrapped in a blanket of shadows.

The waltz never ends.

My moon chases me into daylight and my sun chases me into darkness.

A never ending dance where the twinning never meets and a trail of each other is the only trail

of stardust, they can see.

The black canvas of night whispers and boast that he gave birth to the stars which cannot be

seen in the illusion of day.

A veritable magician at work repeating the same magic for millennia that have passed valiantly

into memories.

A star scratches against the sky leaving no light of showering the sky with tiny fireflies.

A script written on the tablets of times intertwines on the earth plane the concept of light and


In light we feel all that is pure is explicit to enlighten, and all that is dark is foreboding, and gives

rise to evil, the presence of shadows with dark taking our hands and leading us astray or is it a

myth that is generational.

Dark and light a metaphoric usage born in the cauldron of humanity gripped by static mentality.

Secrets behind closed doors have taken place in the mirror of nothingness which has no color.

Light too bright to look at.

Dark too deep to contemplate.

Both swirling in our heads.

Dark book, light book,

Blind people,

A dispensary of tow works

Its neighbors unforeseen.

Dark and light hold hands on the earth plane melded into one.

Joy and sorrow but two state we live by enmeshed with tears to express each other.

Out of light thoughts are birthed, out of darkness thoughts are birthed as well.

When all is asleep,

That is when we are blinded by darkness.