Bio – Wrap me around a sheet of poetry and rock my letters to sleep


If you would like more info about me, I answer questions in the awards I have been nominated for. One can glean the questions and answers by clicking on the Awards at the top right hand of this blog.


Other sites




A site which is a music library for myself.




















75 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • Thank you send sunshine. I won’t be able to get to this until next week as I am still back east. I don’t have all the features on the lent computer that I have here to honor the award. I thank you humbly for the nomination


  1. I could have used a little more info about one of such talent… but as long as you are wrapped in poetry….. I wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed wandering around your site this morning and that I dearly love the name you have presented it with… “Seeing the Whisper”… Beautiful… and so many meanings that linger within those words…
    Thanks for sharing your artistry with us…

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    • Thank you for the kind words Micheal. They are appreciated. One can glean more of myself by going to the award entries or post as they have questions in the post that I have answered and I share a bit there as well. Be well.


    • Good morning quiall. I am just waking up to morning. For the month of october I just posted Halloween entries. A little too much and does not represent my poetry at all. If you go into the archives of september it will give you a taste of my usual poetry. Be well.


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