Bring me your broken bones

Bring me your broken bones

Gather your broken bones and bring them to me up the mountain top.

Be careful of the path of absurdity you walk upon with a realistic flavor that mimics reality.

Around the fire we will chant to the powers that be unheard of in reverie.

Watch the log sizzle throwing up its progeny to the heavens only for it to rain down the original

stain of humanity.

The root of humanity lives upside down tickled by the madness of the sun.

Gather your broken bones in your crib of life and ponder the calmness of the morning.

You frosted my eyes and iced my soul but it didn’t stop me from feeling yours.

I melted the ice away from my heart and I felt my warmth which was a gift to myself.

Where I am now in my unexpected spiritual journey without and explanation that would perplex

the steps on my path scrutinized by omens.

Write your crazy words of wisdom on my paper hearts.

Be wise using your words in chiseling your message on my gathered broken bones.

Life is brittle and so are my bones.

I love the sound of your mind ticking in life’s clock with no promises of tomorrow who by

chance may deliver a blessing in a surprise.

Life is marching quickly into oblivion yet people are going slow at their own drumming of a life

not yet fulfilled.

What did I look like before I incarnated into a world that betrays itself.

Gather your broken bones in your thoughts realigning them in the spirit of truth that lies down

introvertedly in a cesspool of clarity.

Gather your bones I say and lets mend humanity from brokenness.

Let the healing begin and let’s start with you.

Wipe the clouds before the lenses of life and see a different perception perhaps harsh then the

navel gazing of humanity.

Bring me your broken bones and we will release them in the whispers of the wind.

5 thoughts on “Bring me your broken bones

  1. Argh Joseph…. So many, many broken bones in need of gathering and healing, Yet still they do not see.. This jumped out at me… ”
    “Life is marching quickly into oblivion yet people are going slow at their own drumming of a life==not yet fulfilled. ”

    I wonder sometimes what it will take to get those bones moving Joseph..
    Let us hope more melt their ice from their hearts Joseph… For once it melts, it opens up a whole new river of Life, to float and flow within..

    Lovely Muse my friend… Sending Hugs from England.. ❤ ❤

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      1. We can only Pray this is so Joseph.. and we also have to remember we are all on our journeys at different levels… Its not always so black and white.. As we never know what rolls were agreed to be played in order for the awakening.. Many need to see it to believe it … ❤

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