You shaped my heart



You shaped my heart


I spread my wings, I fly and a rainbow takes me.

The whirlwind of many days saw me with no rest on the peace


My breath was taken away,

With a vision of you,

Which made my heart flutter.

And, no one knows how to shape my heart.

I look over the horizon,

Waiting for the bridge to unite us.

All the while looking up at the stars.

One shines brightly while the other one has died.

Yet, I see the twinkle of you.

And no one knows how to shape my heart.

I roll over with morning sunshine.

And you are not there.

Then reality hits,

But I have a keepsake in my soul I keep.

And before my eyes, you come alive.

A dream – a puff of smoke.

You strummed my strings.

You played my love.

And this is the fire inside of me blazing.

You’ve ignited the flame of my heart.

You’ve have shaped me on the potter’s wheel.

The earth crumbles all around me.

A sign of our beating heart as we are one.

And no one knows how to shape my heart but you.







30 thoughts on “You shaped my heart

  1. Dear Joseph you portray both longing, as well as certainty. Knowing that the bond of love transcends time and space which crosses all dimensions.
    A beautiful post showing the depths love holds
    Wishing you a peaceful rest of the week.
    Love and blessings 💚💜💚

    Liked by 1 person

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