All shall pass



All shall pass


The morning tiptoed within the morning’s hush.


No dew with its tears nor spring which have been wiped away and

the nature babies will cry of hunger and soon will start.


The morning will be lit with business.


And the peacefulness will have chanted its cloak.


The paths of life winds into the unknown awakened by scrutiny.


And the letter of life self-stamps itself to be returned to you.


Whispers of life ruminate in the fold of the winds.


Returning a message of hope and love throughout the years.


A paper origami dove unfolded to see the crease of folded



An olive branch to give – an olive branch to share.


Messages flung with an arrow on fire creates and incendiary of

the heart which the moon can longer seduce.


And this too shall pass.



21 thoughts on “All shall pass

  1. Dear Joseph, indeed ALL shall pass… Loved the line of the paper dove my friend with the folds of history..
    Makes you wonder do we ever unfold it, and take a look at what we have done, for yet more nature babies will surely cry in hunger.
    A deep poem my friend
    I wonder my friend, if only more would ponder and look with deeper scrutiny at the world and her workings, and our affects within it. And realise ” And the letter of life self-stamps itself to be returned to you.” That all rebounds back ..
    What we create, we reap..
    And the world now is harvesting what we have sown..

    Many thanks for this deep share Joseph..
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend to come 😀 ❤

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    • History repeats itself and I think nobody looks at the creases once unfolded. Only peacemakers and spiritual people will notice that or those that find events horific. Yes I am sure Gaia and her children are screaming at this point. Little people will look at Gaia and her workings. Not many will get it until it is too late. Yes, what we create we surely get back whether your innocent or not. It has no discrimination and we are harvesting what we have sown.
      Wishing you a peaceful weekend and to feel amazing inside. ❤

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      • Thank you Joseph, especially for the last sentence.. That is what counts, our Soul Journey, and getting our souls ready for I do not wish to come back within this ‘Matrix’ .. Sending thoughts your way my friend.. ( I have been less and less on the internet this week, and turning the modem off..) Sending well wishes dear friend.. 🙂 ❤

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      • This is my last journey here as well. On a soul level I felt this when I was a child. This realm can be nasty and not hospitable to an empath. Be well and have an amazing week. I too am withdrawing from the internet. I will be editing my first book and putting effort into my second book.

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      • Good luck with your books Dear Joseph.. Who knows I may put my collection of poems in some order, I once started, then stopped… It became less important. But I would like to leave some sort of legacy, if only self published so my Granddaughter may one day hold a book in her hand, and say my Grandma wrote these.. 😀 If it is meant to be, then I will be motivated again to do it 🙂
        Enjoy your week too Joseph.. 🙂 Take care

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  2. “Whispers of life will ruminate in the folds of the wind.” Gorgeous imagery, Joseph.

    If you were an element of nature, you’d be the wind…. caressing leaves, creating waves (which you already do), tickling cheeks, and lifting skirts. 😀


  3. You have a way of moving your readers dear Joseph with your beautiful words… lifting our heads to glance back, sensing for a moment our experience and looking forward with a heart full of hope… Thankyou x much love, barbara x


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