A dream in waiting



A dream in waiting


Nothing but lightning in your eyes you had for me.

The excitement of a storm rages through me and you make

snowflakes fall in my dream.

Oh, those dreams feel so real to me only in manifestation.

We lived our dream and now my hands are raised to the sky.

Wanting to touch you, wanting to shake you into my reality.

One more minute, one more second to have you in the realm of


But I know I have to let go and set you free.

Not taking you hostage in my prison of selfish needs.

And I think you as well are not setting me free.

I danced with you in a soul dance to this imperfect perfection.

I trace your stars that gives light to my darkened sky.

Finding my way through a blinded maze.

And I know within a blinking of an eye I will leave as well.

Feeling the wings in flight.

Something died in me when you left but the fire inside is always


I woke and it was nothing but a dream waiting to manifest.





57 thoughts on “A dream in waiting

  1. This is magnificently beautiful Joseph. A most heartfelt poetic expression of love. I know your words echo far beyond our universe… Thank you for sharing a part of you with us.

    A most beautiful day to you…

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  2. This was a poignant write Joseph. And in recognising that it is not only we who need to let go, but seeing that others too need to move on.
    A beautiful write my friend. One I can relate to, the fire never dies, and one day it will be ignited again, and it will no longer be a dream.

    Wishing you a beautiful day from a blizzard blowing day here in the UK.
    Love and Blessings ❀


  3. Lovely poem, spiritkeeper. I am finding that I must comment on blogs since I unsubscribed to most of them when I went away in the fall. I should get your posts from now on! I have missed you! πŸ™‚


  4. This such a strong and emotional poem. There is one point that I am tripped up on,. though:

    But I know I have to let go and set you free.

    Not taking you hostage in my prison of selfish needs.

    And I think you as well are not setting me free.

    (That last line — as you say “not setting me free” but you use “as well”. I know poets are under no obligation to explain their poetry, but I am interested in the meaning of that third line of this section.)

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    • The third line or the whole poem has to do with my partner who passed away two years ago. We had a twinflame bond or soulmate bond that was very strong. The third line is to explain it better is the gravity that planets circle around each other. The pull of energy from both of us is great and the only way to get freedom from this is to both set each other free.

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  5. I have seen poetry,but when I come across your poetry,each and every word is delicately crafted in such vibrant colours,that I stand in the awe of your words in a darkened universe that is lighted by the flicker that your word bears.

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