Burnt offerings



Burnt offerings


A peaceful breeze, a gentle peace has crowned itself upon my head.

Worn on the battlefield with no arms in hand.

Lost to the winds of inexplicable torment.

Clutched to my being a flame not wanted.

And there it sits in the embers of a meeting place out of reach.

Burning another chapter within the Akashic Records.

Burnt in the tablets of my being.

Contained by thoughts not to quench the desire.

The madness of the puzzle not shared in the illusion of life.

A cruelty not foreseen.

An ache, a tug, a pull from the four winds.

Nothing but fire and I shall not put my hand in the flame.

Dancing flames dancing like my fingers that wanted to touch the burning

desire within.

The sea hypnotizes me with its song of seduction.

May she extinguish the flame within.

It is only wishful that she would be a true ally.

I now surrender.

With the hope that the flame will not take wing again.





17 responses to “Burnt offerings

    • Thank you:) Akashic records are records that you can only reach through meditation. They are records that have recorded everything since mankind has been on the earth and contains all the secrets within and the wisdom of those secrets. Much more than this as well ๐Ÿ™‚


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