Per vatim poetry



Per vatim poetry


The wind combs

Its hand through

The melancholy of desire

Putting out its flames

That ignites

The metamorphosis of banality

Singing a piece

Of musical poetry

With words travelling

On the notes

Of our wisdom.

And only then

Poetry will write itself

Upon our soul

And leaving our essence thirsty

For words strung together

And having sewn

Themselves in our memory

To conquer our intelligence

Which does a supplication

Bartering every ounce

Of a renewed breath

That speaks sweet peace





28 responses to “Per vatim poetry

      • I am, thank you. I am back at “home” in Germany right now, but I’m going back to China every four months for a few weeks at a time to visit new friends and check on my lovely rescue dogs. I am going to move there next spring after graduating from university here. Can’t wait for that day to come and be free to go wherever the wind carries me. 🙂

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      • You will want to got to the west coast which is the lovelier part of Canada with its majestic mountains and scenery and also the best weather in Canada with hardly any snow. The last five years we have had 7 snowfalls with last year the worse at 5 snowfalls. We were all shocked as we have not had that much snow since when.

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  1. This is a most wonderful piece of poetry Joseph.. “Poetry will write itself

    Upon our soul – And leaving our essence thirsty ” .. Indeed your words are a blend of exquisite beauty.. You do not merely string them together, but you blend them with lyrical nectar..

    Loved the images of choice too Joseph.. 🙂

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