I have many around me

But still is the air

I walk asleep

Grinding bones beneath my feet

Their masks fall down

To the earth for recycling

And we fly by the seat of our pants

The air is still – still

No words in flight

No olive branches

For the awakening

And the machination of society

Plays an orchestra

Of subliminal messages.

You can taste

The dry air

Of its dustiness

The grit of humanity

Wiped on the forehead of intervention

Stillness in the air is felt

Not a noise, not a word

Only the essence of stillness

Of knowing






38 responses to “I AM

  1. Silence, and stillness, observing and BEing.. all led us to know I AM more deeply.. An excellent piece my friend and I cast off many a mask..
    Though your last image, indeed makes the whole poem take a different perspective. And I give thanks that my masks are metaphorical πŸ™‚

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    • Yes we are getting the haze from the fires. Although the yellow tinge is not prominent on the Island it still has that yellow glow. I know Vancouver has it bad. There are reports of 150 fires in BC at the moment. 2 years ago there was a fire in port alberni on the island and the smoke wafted over to my location and when we woke up in the morning everything was yellow. It almost looked apocalyptic and ashes were raining down. Nice to see you Genie How have you been

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