A lullaby of going home



A lullaby of going home


I’m writing you a lullaby.

To print upon your soul,

Watching the letters fall,

From my mouth.

Writing my future,

Ahead of my knowingness,

And the cornucopia of my life’s novels

Have read themselves.

And yet to live the final chapter

To the last sentence,

To the last dot,

To the last breath.

The beauty of mystery,

Welcoming the flight,

The release,

To roam freely,

From the weight,

Of this tattered suit,

Of skin and bones.

Something long buried,

Stirred the memory,

To come home,

And as I close my eyes,

I feel the lift,

And home I go.




44 responses to “A lullaby of going home

  1. Hope all is well, Joseph. I haven’t been around since March – only had energy to keep the blog going. Probably it is because of my inactivity that WordPress shows that I am not ‘following’ you, and some other bloggers too. That’s not true 🙂
    Now I am feasting on your beautiful poetry.

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