A beckoning call



A beckoning call


I pull strands of lightning from the sky.

And I crackle stars along the way.

A grain of sand is where my dreams are held.

Perhaps this is where you would rather stay


Like fireflies in a meadow’s night.

Light up where my chosen path will be.

Light and darkness is where all shadows play.

My guided soul they will let me see.


The sea seems to yawn her well kept secrets.

As she seductively waves her silky hand.

A beckoning from within a chattering shell.

A calling in whispers throughout the land.


It seems the soul is being called.

A sweet calling to come home.

We have prepared a place for you.

Where freely you will roam.




32 responses to “A beckoning call

  1. Joseph, this is absolutely beautiful, and those photo choices so go with your poem..
    I read this poem through twice, and it brought much peace. Having lost those we love deeply, knowing what we do, helps us transcend this reality knowing that there is that place which calls us all home.. And such beauty and Peace shall we find..

    Many thanks my friend for sharing.. πŸ’š πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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