Betrayal in the Universe



Betrayal in the Universe


The fertility of my thoughts are held in distrust with the blade of the knife twinkling my name.

Blood by signature written in violence bleeding the pages to live a less painful life away.

The fear of poverty strikes me in the pit of vipers with the bite in closing the eyes for a fatal


And the filter initiated by the structure of creative safety when tides do turn are vague

recollections in the rages of claws which pierced none the wiser.

I was pulled down to drown by the string of watery graves which savors wetness in leaving

behind poisonous waters.

An inspiration to believe a suppressed inept erosion in glimpses of silent nuptial that is published

by the universe.

While my life canvas was titled, “Distorted privileges,” and was painted by a brush of fury.

Fear only touches once before disrobing itself and I was spared in a moment of tranquility.

A tragic death, a lone reflection began its journey in the grammar of overcoming powerless

tradition during the seasons of chaos.

And an exceptional screen displays itself in my mind which forges ahead with a detailed

imagination that is indisputable and evaporated by the change of night to day confessing in the

playground of afterlife which brings a pulsating desire to return back to the shackles of the

earth plane.

Unfurled delusions swirls in traditional spiritual avenues of esoteric bound by features piercing

my heart

While wise men with their feathered possessions express themselves to frigid anomalies tasted

with decadence in opportunistic trials and tribulations.

Silvery nights burning with required unimaginable desire propels me to transform into the

beast of burden being of a dark drama.

A delicious challenge interacts with a droplet then a deluge plagues my sorrowful

graciousness with divided rule ten times fold.

The bell has rung.

Please hang up and try your call again.

And this is when we feel a betrayal in the universe.



Moon in the sky


29 responses to “Betrayal in the Universe

  1. This part moved my soul… “Fear only touches once before disrobing itself and I was spared in a moment of tranquility.” I often have questions in life and can’t find an answer… this is an eye opener… exquisite piece Joe! ❤❤❤

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  2. Wat a poem,wat a feeling …u have sliced our heart a part n tore it down so that we once forget n ponder only about poverty which really is as poisonous as the venomous snake leading to mass destruction..I really love this poem n wd go on reading repeatedly👌

    Liked by 1 person

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