Twinkling whispers



Twinkling whispers


I will ignite your home.

Inside of you.

Where memories live.

I hang on to you.

In your freedom.

I have let you go.

And dreams are where we will meet.

To continue our journey.

Under a sky full of stars.

Twinkling lives.

We have known.

I wrote poetry on the wall of your soul.

Words inscribed in eternity

And etched in your essence.

That carries us together.

As I gave you my heart.

And you gave me your heart.

While darkness gives birth to the light.

Or is it that the light casts shadows.

A veil separates us.

That is most difficult.

In the web of humanity.

That sticks me to earth.

In Gaia’s prison.

Hostage of gravity.

Nevertheless, our hearts beat as one.

As we are one.

The wing has swept me strong.

And a puppet freed from strings.

I watch you fly with memories.

In twinkling whispers.




51 responses to “Twinkling whispers

  1. This is another beautiful poem Joseph..

    “While darkness gives birth to the light.
    Or is it that the light casts shadows.”

    Great lines here my friend.. Without the darkness would we see the LIGHT.. Its controversial I know but its only when we face darkness together, that we seem to open our hearts to one another more, showing empathy, love and sharing kindess.. Its a shame it takes tragedies to bring humanity together.. But that it the way of the world..

    We are all held here within Gaia, as around and around we go.. I hope we, some at least are learning, as we learn to let go, forgive and move on through to the next phase of our existence and experiences..

    Good to be back reading your fine words again Joseph..
    Love and blessings my friend
    Sue πŸ™‚

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    • Nice to see you back and as you say we are brought together far faster then a happy occasion. Gaia is an anchor to me and it is unfortunate others do not see that she keeps on giving to us while we only plunder her bounty incessantly without giving too much back. It is an inequality which we will eventually pay for.

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      • Yes I agree with you there.. Gaia is my saving grace .. She heals and pours balm into my soul each time I work the soil through my hands..
        This evening I sat and watched a Wolf Spider on her web.. She devoured the aphids that had got caught in her net.
        Her world is under the rim of a planter, tomorrow I will have to disturb her web as I plant flowers in the pot..
        It made me think of world within worlds.. and for her, her world right now is the planter.. And I am playing God as I destroy her web tomorrow.. But she will rebuild anew. .. And such is life..
        I will send a thought to the insect divas tonight.. πŸ™‚ She is a magnificent creature.. and to think I once feared them.. Life indeed teachers us many things my friend.. And the best of these is overcoming Fear.. For WE are ALL ONE… All entwined within the web of life.. What we give so shall we receive .. And so it goes on..
        In love and gratitude Joseph.. ❀

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