Death of a soul




Death of a Soul


I ate from the dust of cosmic dawning and spat out crackling stars,

While the light’s curiosity wanders into unknown landscapes painted by desire,

And the vision was on fire with drooping flames of pity.

We saw you claw ferociously at the fabric of blood soaked dimensions.

We also watched your hungry sabers slice through many cups of spilled chaos,

As we listened to the endless cesspool of human thoughts gone mad.

An anathema of esoterica ceased with a display of bruised lips and a knock on the chin.

The dark cloak smothered the stars and my precarious birthing took place amongst the vapors

of genie lamps.

I am everyone’s star twinkling anguish over a chosen life.

I belong to darkness within the Jaws of Life;

Bleeding the nights into pandemonium,

With masquerade shades of the moon,

And a simple silver language spoken.

A betrayal of the essence of regeneration tumbling for a fall and quickened into reality.

The curtain of Genesis now ripped and trying to sew itself up in tribulation.

A sackcloth dissertation veiled tightly over my listless spirit regurgitating life and experiences.

The soul of my flame begins an irreverence of dying down,

While the tongue hangs out, dripping of non-viability soured by an innate pulse.

This is when a death of a soul occurred in the upheaval of the ethers.

A dead soul was decried in the universe and beyond non compo mentis comprehension.

It wasn’t the first.

It spoke of carnal fire that speaks of lust.

And then,

A flicker was seen out of the darkness.









44 responses to “Death of a soul

  1. Horribly I noticed earlier I’d been unfollowed from your blog, WP again … sigh as I know I was on it. So I remedied that, but that could be why I had missed some of your work – I’m sorry as I never want to miss your work. This is lovely. Your friend Tara is right, you do have great talent. Thank you for just sharing what you feel and do so honestly. I for one feel better off knowing you a bit in this world my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A deep poem of our travels through the stars Joseph.. Beautifully written.. “As we listened to the endless cesspool of human thoughts gone mad.”

    Lots of fragmented thoughts… Which is why gardening is good for the Soul 😉
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend Joseph..
    Sue 💛

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