Bathing in the stars



Bathing in stars


Sparkling fireflies of the night,

With a penchant mystery for echoing lit solitude.

The secrets of the star with undetermined energy,

Speaks of their astrological jargon repeated in the travel of time.

Earth dwellers ride the twinkles in foggy eyes seeking truths.

A sign perhaps eloquently diluted of its meaning over time.

I sent a muse to the seductive moon who roams to the twist of madness,

Stirred in a basket of thoughts confined,

Static, in the symphony of the sky.

I wrote a message within a message which twinkled up the sky.

I ate into grief momentarily to banish and essence.

If I could unshackle myself from this prison,

I would take wing yesterday and bathe with the stars.

in stars




33 responses to “Bathing in the stars

  1. I could almost see you Joseph.. out within the stars.. looking skyward, breathing deep, in memories gone but held so close.. And those prison bars will widen, and the Moon will bathe as well as the stars.

    Beautifully written my friend.. This was a very calming read my friend… I felt a shift..

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