Guest blogger on Barbara Franken’s blog


Visit Barbara Franken’s website for  a delight in Spirituality.  Follow the link to her website.  Image above is from her blog.  I love how the love spills over in her wonderful image.  Peruse her website and I am sure you will get lost in one blog after the other.


I have appeared by her kindness on her blog as a guest blogger.  Follow the above link to the post.   Guest-blogger author-feature-the-magnificent-joseph      Enjoy.


11 responses to “Guest blogger on Barbara Franken’s blog

  1. Wonderful guest post and Barbara is a beautiful soul as are you Joseph.. So lovely too put a face to you too my friend.. and I am having problems with my comments registering on certain blogs right now.. So I hope the ones I left got through. On Barbara’s blog..
    And Loved your poem and learning more about you..
    Have a wonderful week my friend


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