A candle drips its life away




A candle drips its life away


Standing tall

With a majestic stature

Dreaming of the day

It will be

The brightest star

In the room

A life fulfilled

Perhaps a destiny

The match is struck

The drip begins

Lighting my way

No darkness

Nothing written

But poetry

By candlelight

Lighting the pages

With words

On fire

Dribbling wax

Dribbling life

So little time

So many moments

A self-imposed curfew

Shadows dance

On the wall

Flame flickering

Into existence

Dribbling wax

The end is near

From one moment

To the next

Writing a lifetime

On paper

On keystroke

Similar to

When a candle drips

Drips its life away

All I can see now

Is darkness

Writing dark

Dark poetry





45 responses to “A candle drips its life away

  1. While I know the sadness tinged within this poem.. I also see the light of the candle’s flame, burning bright in the heart of that dripping wax.. I see it flickering to stay alight no matter how hard the darkness surrounding it encroaches in.. Its flame burns bright to say to the world.. Here I am, One flame alight, I have the power to stand in brightness and illuminate all that surrounds me.. Or I can allow myself to be snuffed out..

    Keep shining Joseph.. We need your Light. ❤

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