Rustling in shades of gold




Rustling in shades of gold


The guardians disregarded the calls of empowered spirits mingling with a mysterious code of

the ancients.

The struggle in particular cases signaling chaos is accessible with thoughts relayed in a

different twisted banishment.

Unfortunately a seductive philosophy displaced recommendations that have the tenacity of an

unexpressed thought.

Insanity becomes the breath of humanity’s transition with present and future revelations gone

without restraints,

While sorrow tastes pain with an unsullied soul choosing perpetual choices that have been

searched with their own ideas.

The eyelids of the universe, overtaken by sensitive expressions screaming of redundancy,

An unconnected mask of tears ignites intimacy with an entitlement of no escape during an

inconsiderate struggle.

The wind blows inhaling consequences only to qualitatively implement allegiance of romance,

With half closed eyelids of realization which begin to synchronize shattered dreams.

A gesture of opportunity inspires creativity with profound sentiments of disbelieving your

humbleness in an euphoric heart ache.

Life has been strangled to sobriety with emptiness, sipping on the disdain of complexity turned

into a stable glimpse of nothingness which instinctively wilted.

I resurrected myself from a toxic society that bends none in disgrace of itself.

Constant conversations that embraced the duality of infinity create dimensions that break

down into smaller extinctions of bravery.

And an opinionated surprise came in a variety of initials that were not legible beyond reason to

the naked eye.

Decisions made and accepted were capable of explaining plausible, portable, Emotional,

philosophical arguments that were remedied of an advertising investment.

Taken quickly from Eve’s rib thoughts languished shamelessly in trials and tribulation that

flicker in a leaden night without stars.

A journey endured without disposition lacking in leadership which converges into your inactive


This is how we rustle in shades of gold.





22 responses to “Rustling in shades of gold

  1. Joseph, this is a most amazing piece of writing my friend and a wonderful read upon my returning to WP..
    This line spoke to me..
    “Life has been strangled to sobriety with emptiness, sipping on the disdain of complexity turned into a stable glimpse of nothingness which instinctively wilted.”

    Wishing you a most Peaceful weekend Joseph.. Love and Light my friend

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  2. Deep… profound… the piercing truth of reality was perfectly portrayed in this piece. The society… the government… the people… social injustice… but those who’s in power has more… and ordinary people settle for what they only have at present.


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