Fire and Ice




Fire and Ice


My heart beats for the two of us.

My fingers crossed behind my back,

rubbing together,

creating a spark,

hoping you will remember.


That touch so familiar,

and the hush falls around me

I fly, I rise,

in silence,

without looking.

Only my strength

lifts me from my weakened knees,

and my soul ignites

with your fire.

And tears flow,

watering humanity

to grow from its weariness.

And I stand,

in my calling.

But there is a sign,

always a sign,

to messaging a fool’s heart

that wants to read,

the uninstructed essence.

And then I let go

of all my obstacles,

everybody’s obstacles,

believing without knowing

that it takes two to play.

One with water.

One with fire.

And the freeze happens.

Fire and Ice.

The twinning of souls.

I will depart.

I never considered earth,

my home.

Beautiful as she is,

and as much destruction

that we give.

Watching a deterioration

of fire and Ice,

a transformation of twining

and the ice melts.

Vulnerable again.

What died came to life.

The fire is within me,

and part of my soul,

is in a death’s slumber.

The other part of my soul

did not die,

it rose like the Phoenix.

out of the ashes.

And I fly,

with Ice and Fire.





50 responses to “Fire and Ice

  1. A poignant Song from the heart Joseph.. And I feel your ache ..

    All of us are but shards of ice.. Held within our mortal core.. All we need is the heat of Love to melt us, as we revert back into the ether of our existence.. Returning back to our Oneness with ALL that ever has been.. And to the essence of ourselves and the Loves we have lost..
    Reuniting in the playing fields of creation.
    Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise..

    Keep flying my friend.. This was a really beautiful piece of poetry..

    Blessings Sue ❤


  2. with each stumble we seem to rise and fly higher, seeing,observing more of what we need to see…
    this was really Beautiful Phoron….a spirit with fire and ice will have sparks within the icicles …
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday filled with peace
    Take Care….You Matter

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joseph, this is beautiful and there is so much strength and resilience in such a symbolic death. Much love, I understand the pain the bears the birth you’ve undergone. Hope you are well!


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