In seasoned dreams




In seasoned dreams


Dreams are not far.

Only the night to wrap around me.

Stars twinkling the way.

I don’t remember falling asleep,

in spring fresh dreams.

You whispered my future.

And my soul hushed to flight.

Everything is possible in dreams

Flying in unknown dreams,

Is what I want,

Is what I want to do!

To meet you half way

in the ether – a reunion

to wake my numb heart

and set it on fire

once again,

while our essences dance

in symbiosis.

The beat of our hearts sing.

A song of remembrance.

A song played on the keys of life,

clinging tightly

not wanting to wake.

Only to breathe of you.

Sense you, sense me – oneness

Nothing looks the same.

You’ve stolen my heart,

and blinded me.

Only a waiting game

that separates us.

I’m ticking time on the watch of dreams.

And dreams have their own season.

With this feeling I am going back.


Not my time.

Nothing can keep me away from my dream.

And morning pokes a finger to my side.

I opened my eyes to peace,

and to the ache that will never go away.

To the Spirits who soar, to the Spirits in flight,

within seasoned dreams.







66 responses to “In seasoned dreams

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  2. A beautiful poem… Everything is possible when we give way to our Dream time.. And I hope you continue to Keep Flying in them too Joseph..
    And although we often forget our Dreamtime experiences.. I know often we reconnect to those whom we love the most.. ❤

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