Life happens like that




Life happens like that


We were running like kids in a hallway.

Scared of the fire within.

Rustic, majestic, luxurious, risking flames

Licking at our thoughts.

Subscribing to the discovery of awareness.

Sitting on the fence waiting for a whirlwind.

A graduation of intelligence.

A library of attitude.

Grooming the intellect.

Two ways in the cauldron of deception

An abrasion against the soul.

Fallen from the ladder of mortality.

Water in your blood.

You are left to your sickness.

Striking a letter upon forgiveness.

Protesting death.

And I watched you die.






34 responses to “Life happens like that

  1. Beautifully written Joseph..” Risking flames.. awaiting whirlwinds.. a cauldren of thoughts “…
    But Life was lived.. .. 🙂 And Love was felt.. How much better to ‘run like kids’, than to never have walked as an adult..

    Lots of thoughts you have evoked here Joseph..

    Love and Peace always being sent..
    Sue ❤

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  2. You described the core of this helpless fall, Joseph – it just happens in the midst of life and leaves everything unfinished. Doesn’t matter how prepared we think we are, it is still a fall from a ladder, and there is nothing under our feet.
    Wishing you well, friend.

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  3. mucha profundidad después de tantos sin sabores de la vida, todavía se nota el torbellino interior, tus letras expresan su pesar que esa en lucha interna , o estoy equivocado, y si es así me gustaría me lo comentes, gracias

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