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  1. Oh my friend I can relate to this perhaps more than ANYTHING EVER. The first time I saw this in a quote I thought OMG that says it all. Now the real question is why? Why do some people make you feel more alone than when you are alone? It is perhaps an instinct that we know, in ourselves, that they do not care the way they ‘should’ because to be with others who do not care enough, is more lonely than being alone. It brings up the question of validity and ‘are we worth caring about’ and if we are feeling ‘down’ we feel NO we are not worth caring about. I have experienced this on-and-off my entire life and struggled with feeling ‘worthy’ and it’s a terrible feeling so many of us experience and usually are blamed for, which is absurd and only abets the cruelty in the world. On the other hand there is mercy, there is goodness there is light, and I must believe that it will always exist, we need only trust our instincts and not the words because our hearts will tell us the truth each and every time.

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    • Yes I agree. For me is when you walk the path of Spirituality which is a road less travelled then that valley exist to find other people like minded and heart minded. More or less our vibration doesn’t match to others therefore we feel lonely as we cannot speak of loftier or deep meaning conversation with them who likes to talk about how many loads of wash they have done. Therefore they make us feel lonely. Hope this makes sense. πŸ™‚ Feel yourself hugged.

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      • It does. I smiled at the ‘talk about how many loads of wash they have done’ because it’s that ‘small talk’ I find so alienating so I totally agree w/that. One thing I’ve noticed is a trend toward talking superficially. By saying that I’m not lauding myself, I’m no ‘cleverer’ I just would rather talk about meaningful things and I don’t find reality tv meaningful. I suppose one could say this points to a decrease in the value of talking, we are spectators more than thinkers. And sometimes proud of not thinking like its a badge of honor. No wonder then we feel our vibration doesn’t have any home. This is why I find WP different, it doesn’t apologize for the vast number of people who wish to actually dialogue and not just follow the groove patterns people made before them. Thank you my friend xo


  2. when we get rid of those who make us feel alone, we are in the state of solitude… ‘loneliness is the pain of being alone , solitude is the pleasure of being alone’…

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