A rumble in the night




A rumble in the night


I saw a flash

Of white light

Its arm

Pointing sharply in the direction

Where it travels thrown down

From the ceiling

Of the sky

The loud rumble begins

A mega firecracker


Into the night

A rumble

Of fright

A rumble that shakes

That shivers

Of fear

A silent rumble

The end

Then another flash

Of white light

Pointing in a new direction

And the rumbles

Continue into the night

Another finger of white,

Accusing, Pointing, blaming.


In my corner

Of the world






29 responses to “A rumble in the night

  1. sleepless seems to be in my corner of this world too…
    i went to the cemetery yesterday, it was my sisters birthday, i took Daisies,mums and Goldenrod with a sprig of Rosemary, healing and friendship in their petals…
    i want a new year of peace…just peace with my corner of the world to start with again…maybe we will both find that path again
    I wish for you Phoron, the Best that is yet to Be in this New Year of Choices…
    Take Care…You Matter
    just me

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    • Thank you Mary for your kind words and perhaps we will both find that path again. We can’t go back as that is or has been written where the essence of the pen lingers. Yes the best is yet unborn and it is choices by wish we make willingly or unwillingly that will define us. Be well Fallon. The dragon bridge awaits

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      • i love that bridge 🙂
        you’re welcome 🙂 always
        still raining here…been busy with my mom…life goes on, just usually not the way i planned LOLs…
        Hope you’re staying warm….
        i’ll catch up (hopefully) sometime today…
        Take Care Phoron…You Matter!
        just me

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  2. Winter thunderstorms are common in Ireland. And have you noticed that it is so easy and delightful to breath after the thunderstorm? Thunderstorm is not scary, it is thrilling and rejuvenating 🙂 Have a lovely week, enjoy the fresh air 🙂 !

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