Taking a break



Hello you all,  I will be taking a break and when I am coming back is unknown.  I’ve grown a little tired since my partner passed away and I am not keeping up with wordpress as I would like to.  It is time for self nurturing.  I will come on sporadically but I will not be posting anything.  Be well my friends


83 responses to “Taking a break

  1. I’m not liking this post because I’m being selfish and I don’t want you to leave. I will miss your beautiful words but I completely understand. I hope one day you’ll come back. We’ll be here to welcome you with open arms. Take good care of you, dear friend. ❤️

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  2. Hello Dear One, I completely understand, having recently made the same decision for the same reasons. It is difficult to walk away but I know that time away will heal and refresh you. I’m always close at hand, feel free to be in touch though the other channels. Keeping you in my thoughts ❤

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      • “Tell Me Margaret”

        On my screen, that’s the only song that shows, how strange, oh well, that’s the Internet — everyone is given different advertising, videos, links, etc., I think they call it “algorhythms”? Whatever it is, I don’t like it, and keep forgetting that when I see stuff on the net.

        The song is extraordinary and I think it speaks to your tremendous loss, in a moving and compassionate way.
        If you like the song, email me and I’ll send it to you, it really helped me out when I was grieving the biggest loss of my life of a person that was the most dear to me ever…

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  3. I completely understand, Joseph. It is very hard to keep blogging when you are grieving. I struggle to be consistent with the blog because I am in the midst of a bad bout of depression. I will be thinking of you and hoping that you start to have some good days. Look after yourself.

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    • I’m doing fine Sue just finished moving from one house to the other. Had a month layover so I could do the renovations and the bones to the garden. Have a little bit more in the garden to plant then I will be joining the beds together for flower gardens. A little bit more on the new residence to complete it. Have only been jotting down lines for now which I can make poems out of. I will be typing up on the computer my partner’s poetry and will try to publish it posthumously as well as his short stories. We are trying to get his book published at this time that was finished shortly before dying. I am busy and have only recently begun to get good sleep although long for the moment. I live in a forest which is extremely quiet. At first it was unnerving now I relish it. How are you doing?

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      • That is wonderful news Joseph that you are settling into your new home. Sounds like just the thing to keep you busy.. And your garden sounds like you have a wonderful plan in store to create a colourful garden.
        How lovely too that you are going to create a book with your partners poetry and stories.. And continuing his wish of publishing his book.. Sounds like you have lots to do Joseph..
        Me I am fine, thank you for asking.. Busy this time of year, in the allotments.. and Summer holidays have been extra fun with our 5 yr old granddaughter who has stayed over at times and we have had fun walking and bike rides along with picnics..
        The Forest sounds Idyllic for peace and tranquillity Joseph.. Just what you need..
        Sending lots of thoughts for more extended Peace and good nights sleep.. I am pleased at last you are sleeping better..
        love and Blessings to you, take care
        Sue ❤

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    • I’m pleased your summer was to your liking especially spending time with your grandaughter. Thank you for your caring. Almost finished the total painting…should be an hour and it will be done. Now only if the weather would cooperate. Today I will be hanging curtain rods and curtains….not my favorite job but I will get it done. Be well my friend

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