Happy 4th of July to our neighbor





37 responses to “Happy 4th of July to our neighbor

  1. Thank you, friend in the north… this video was/is informative and inspiring. And at the same time I am somewhat saddened. Saddened that my country is following in footsteps not dissimilar that of an ill-fated British Empire. Just this week we see further evidence of its diminishing from a once powerful and heralded state. Humanity and understanding is not about conquering (though history tells otherwise). There are increasing times and situations in which I am not proud of what my country does and condones. Instilling fear, death and uncertainty rather that using the vast resources at our disposal to create health, happiness and peace – is not worthy of a patriotic allegiance. Just yesterday I read findings from a recent U.S. survey which found that only 34 percent of our Millennial generation shares the same patriotism as our successor generations. This could be an uncomfortable telling. Power grabs and imposing a country’s will on others is, to me, painfully unattractive. Perhaps this is why some now look elsewhere (toward your land) for a greater sense of peace, civility and connectedness.

    I have kicked the soapbox out from underneath me. Thank you for your kind Independence Day wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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