Whispered Screams





89 responses to “Whispered Screams

  1. My graves of Whispered Screams resurrected from the dust will soar on the
    wind of four seasons until they rest once again.

    As with Phoenix; rise and soar… because eventually all rests. No?

    I appreciate these words.

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  2. Very creative poem, it’s not linear , nor does it stand on a soap box, I would say that this poem of yours is a feral poem.
    Out of the box imagery and thinking, lots of explosions happen in the mind due to that as one reads and travels your poem.

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  4. Beautiful play of words, specially ‘prisoner of gravity’ caught my attention. How true! And how many similar things imprison us and most of the times we are the ones imprisoning ourselves. Very intense!

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  5. Dear Joseph, I read this in light of what I know, rather than coming to it without knowledge. I wonder if I would have interpreted it differently had I come to it without knowledge. I know I would have loved the harmony and the pace, and the softness and the sadness, but would I have gleaned the depth? the longing? Funnily enough I think I would, because you write out, even as you don’t say overtly, and it comes across in that way only poetry really can convey. Such sad and lovely homage to feelings that are both agonizing and redeeming.

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  6. I don’t know how I missed this post. I’m so glad I came here to read you. This is by far my favorite write of yours. I know it might be yours too. The spring of emotions I felt flooded over my soul. You write with such grace and calmness but your writings are limitless emotions. Joseph, keep writing and sharing a piece of your soul with me. I’m honored to have you. ❤️

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