79 responses to “Brainwashing

  1. So often I see people around me walking as if asleep, slaves to the maze of the accepted, the theater of the real. Lifeless, hopeless bound to this earth without ever exploring the freedom within their own dreams This is wonderful, thank you for sharing this!

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  2. wow: “Rules are written on the tablets of time and are also written on our blind souls which are only
    rules to entrap us in a quagmire of games. ”

    “A mundane existence they live clone like in repetitive motion” — my sad 8:30-5, M-F reality. I am a hamster on a wheel of debt with no escape.
    I hope all is well with you.

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  3. I don’t want to make my comment about this sound like it is about me but I do so relate to this. You write it beautifully as you always have. It provokes a thought about how at some point or another, many of us experience such grief and pain that we do wake from a nightmare and in waking from it, remember it, and thus, are affected by it, and how hard it is to express this and share it and get something from others to help us and how ultimately we are very isolated in that pain and that is perhaps the hardest part of it. I hope you know many are here FOR YOU and WITH YOU but I also know pain is a very solitary thing in many ways. Just know, as you emerge, there are people cheering. There are people who have waited for your return, because they love you.

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    • Thank you for your kind words, understanding and encouragement again. Yes pain is different from one person to another person. It is an individualized pain one feels thus travelling the road alone and knowing there are people on the side of this road comforting you. Your comments are always appreciated. Be well my friend πŸ™‚

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  5. When we live our lives only trying to fit in, there will be no room for individuality. We will all live the same “dream” or “nightmare”.
    It is not easy to break free, and those who do, are usually the ones that are founf to be the “flawed” ones.
    May you ride on the wings of your dreams Joseph! πŸ™‚

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  6. J, you had me at the ’round world’ with the ‘square consciousness’ oh that spoke volumes I knew exactly this, and it said so much with so little. Brava!

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