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  1. I like the image of a ‘swaddled’ truth. I think this is apropos because either by design or accident, we often suffocate/swaddle or submerge (!) the truth. And so often what we believe to be true, is just regurgitated rhetoric. How often are we REALLY truthful? To ourselves? To others? As humans? Certainly the biggest among us never are (politicians, leaders) they are only true to their God (Power) and their Demi-God (Money). But on an individual level I believe truth exists, though few are willing to keep it alive I am optimistic it will persist.


    • We know truth when we hear it. There is a little bell that goes off in your brain. Like you said we can be deceived as well as we want to so badly believe something when we don’t hear anything that a lie seems like truth. Sad but we also can believe the lies we tell ourselves unless one is an enlightened and can see through the goosamer globe with the lies we tell ourselves.

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      • Gosh that’s so true. I think maybe when we hear that little bell we then are told so many times to believe the lie and it sets up this strange disharmony of feeling within us that feels a lot like being told one thing and hearing another. Maybe that is why we get so messed up, because even though the truth hurts, if everyone told it, so much would be better, for example we could trust everyone. Sometimes I just think of that and I’m blown away.

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      • Yes society has buitl insulation around themselves not to hear the truth and if everyone spoke the truth then war would happen. Not everyone can handle the truth. If said in a nice way even would hurt people’s feeling leaving them with resentment towards you.

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      • I fantasize that we wake up and are incapable of telling lies, I know everything would initially screech to a halt but in time I think it would re-balance. The main reason people have neurosis is they second-guess what someone is saying because they’ve been lied to so much

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  2. I love listening to lies when I know the truth – Al Pacino

    Truth will piss off only those who like to be comforted with a lie, I guess.

    Thought provoking write, sweet love ❀

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