Igne natura renovatur integra (Latin) (Trough fire, nature is born whole)








45 responses to “Igne natura renovatur integra (Latin) (Trough fire, nature is born whole)

  1. Toska it it, boyfriend! This is one of the most beautiful and profound writings I’ve read lately. Sigh! ❀
    So many surreal lines, sublimity at its best.

    It is tears of longing that clean the mirror of the Heart.

    Despair not my friend
    Your reunion is due
    And this limbo will end

    Till then release
    The sighs and tears
    Of the Toska* this is

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  2. I must say, upon first read, I naturally assumed this was a homage to Game of Thrones, as it fits just perfectly, but then I thought about it more closely and realized it may be a homage to the idea of living and dying whilst alive, and being reborn through pain and suffering into another manifestation. If I am wrong, then those were my best estimates but either way, beautiful words and I cannot tell you how happy I am selfishly to see you writing again. You always were such a writer, I know grief steals that from us all, but that you are back, through fire, come out, I for one, am happy to see your phoenix rising

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    • Your later explanation is somewhat correct it is through the fire (the death of someone) and coming out to the other side) then it is like the phoenix rising up from the fire and since we are all from nature therefore born whole. Thanks for stopping by. ❀

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      • I thought so. I had just seen Game of Thrones the night before and was having a convo with someone about it so my natural bias was that upon first reading but then I thought of what I knew and you and I re-read and saw what I’m glad turned out to be the true meaning. It is interesting that for all of us I think we could read this and come to a meaning that would signify and impact us, and that is surely the best part of poetry isn’t it?

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      • Very true. And the meaning we assign to words. Well put, gives me a lot to think of. As I believe there are multitudes of levels to that very concept.

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      • Gosh you just gave me such a powerful image of a flower press, physically pressing down and thus, preserving, words into words and words into meaning. What an incredible image! You’re so creative even when you try not to be, you give me tons of things to think about, I love that

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      • I ‘mentioned’ the press in the last poem, but it wasn’t in the way we really talked about, though that had the ball rolling on the resolution of relationships I suppose, all things, being related. I would say the same of you my friend, the wordsmith.

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  3. Beautiful, moving and I could read this over and over and find new meaning each time. Thank you. (Also, as someone who studied advanced Latin for three years…I enjoyed the touch of the title and last line.) πŸ™‚ Em

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