Night song

This is a poem my partner wrote a week and a half prior to the crossover.  I think on some level the knowing was in place as I have heard from a few events and occurrences they shared with me that would indicate a crossover was imminent.  Although not conscious but on a spiritual level the knowing was there.



Night song


I have heard

the wolves singing

deep into the evening


I heard the wolves


as I sat motionless

drifting in the

evening fog, on a

wilderness lake,

I heard wolves singing

their sound was

not merriment

nor was it sadness.

It did, however, have

a sense of


longing for something

long lost,

freedom perhaps,

from mankind,

freedom to embrace

the woods as

they have done


I heard the wolves singing,

and I, too, embraced

the sound, the

song of striving

to find that which

was lost.






74 responses to “Night song

  1. Embracing. A key to accepting and relinquishing. I live in the desert where the coyote eerily howl. For me, their song is equal parts ethereal and connecting, the latter to spirit. The poem is hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

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  2. All of us are dying but to accept it and embrace it, that’s the mark of an enlightened soul. He was that, I have no doubt as is so evident from his Night Song. Beautiful, Joseph. I pray the crossover is a peaceful one.

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  3. So very sad to hear of your loss.. My preoccupations have delayed my awareness…
    Beautiful poetry from a beautiful souls with obviously beautiful blessings as earthy times comes to a close…
    My very warmest wishes to you Joseph

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