Today I started answering some post that came in on my email.  I still feel lost and I hope to continue answering my emails I receive from people I follow.  I am taking it minute by minute.  The emotions are still raw.  I had a lot of support during these past almost four weeks since the death of my partner.  Lots of people, lots of emails and lots of  phone calls kept me busy and was a distraction not to feel the grief unless I was alone with silence then the grief was felt.  I am making no promises that I will follow everyday as I don’t know what the day will be like tomorrow.  I have one poem written which I may put up later in the coming week.  I wish you all pleasant memories and be well my friends.




68 responses to “Update

  1. You have to take each day at a time Joseph, and it’s only natural to still feel so raw.. Writing helps poetry gets what is in our hearts out on paper..
    Sending love and Healing thoughts to you my friend.. And its good you are getting back to writing..
    See you when I return..
    Hugs Sue

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  2. Oh sweet Joseph, yes the aftermath is a very hard part to get through. And there are NO words that can make it easier or better. Just know that I’m thinking of your and praying for the Lord’s comfort and peace to surround you. Love, Natalie 🙂 ❤


  3. Have been thinking about you, Joseph. I hope with each passing day you are able to heal a little more and feel stronger. Be gentle with yourself and know how many friends, including me, really care about you here in blog land.
    I haven’t seen your posts and so I am following you again – I don’t know why that is, but I won’t be missing them anymore.
    Sending you a big hug xoxo


  4. Those quiet moments when you’re alone are the worst. I still have them, though not as often, and my sister has been gone for two years. But there are moments when my thoughts drift back and my mind picks at the tragedy again asking the same unanswered questions. They still have no answers. That for me was the hardest part. Accepting that I will never know what really happened or why she died. I hope your partner did not die amid a cloud of suspicion, as my sister did. It makes the entire grieving process harder when you have to play detective. Peace be with you in your time of pain.

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    • Yes your circumstances would be harder. My partner had a massive stroke and died two days later but you are right is when you spend time in silence the sting hits you again. It is not easy. When you have a strong connection the more grief there is. Be well my friend and I feel for you and your sister

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  5. Found my way here through belinda’s blog post. Sorry to hear about your loss. But your love for your partner and the beauty with which you write the feelings of your aching heart are both inspiring things! I hope you find peace within you and your love for the lost replaces the grief to fill your heart with happy memories. One of the best things that a big does to all of us is to keep us together when we are at our worst. With this message I send you my love, a big hug and lots of strength and prayers!

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