The Journey has ended


It is a wrenching feeling that I have been living with today as my partner passed away around 9:15  I was holding a hand, my friend was holding a hand.  His face was a reddish purply looking face.  When I saw that I knew he was going to die today.  My friend and I look at each other for 2 split seconds and said something and when we turned back his face was a sallow white, yellow.  I sent a friend to get a nurse as he was minutes away from passing.  I held a hand and my friend held the other all this time.  I leaned over and said.  Your body doesn’t need you it is time to go. You’re surrounded by love so take the opportunity.   The minute I said that he passed.  Of course tears flowed and that was a new chapter in my life close and another one opening.  Be well my friends and thank you for your generous prayer, meditations , drumming, candle lighting, chanting etc.  All of your love and healing was tremendously appreciated and heart felt.  I light candles for the safe arrival to the other side.







117 responses to “The Journey has ended

  1. I don’t know you much but your story resonated with me. When my grandfather passed away, it was a similar experience. He had been struggling, and we eventually were all standing around him, telling him that it was Ok, he could let go, we’d be there for my Grandma. He was too proud to pass while we were there, but he died during that night.
    No matter how much you prepare yourself and how much you believe this is the beginning of something new, it is still a very difficult time to go through and I send you all my sympathy.


  2. My sweet soul brother & partner in life mischief, I send you all the love this heart can pump out. What an honor we have experienced (you and I) to be a part of a loved one’s graduation from this plane to the next. May your heartache turn to celebration as you bless his time with you through tears. I will dance with you when you are ready again ❤️

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  3. I will light a candle for your dear partner in life.. Sending sincere condolences to you SK, and may you be held in comforting arms by the unseen worlds as your journey separates for this short space of time.. Love and Blessings sent to you .

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  4. Dear Joseph
    I am at a loss for words. I feel for your pain and the missing that is now part of a life left behind. Here’s to the memories that you hold, to keep near and dear, to always remember why you both had eyes for each-other. The Love, that will never die.

    prayers and hugs are yours my friend



  5. I really hated to click the like button on this Joseph, as I know you are grieving and certainly not liking what has happened at all. There are no words that I can offer you that can even begin to bring comfort now, but I am holding you in my heart and thoughts and prayers and asking Christ, the prince of Peace, to comfort you and in the days to come bring you some measure of peace. Huge hugs and much love, Natalie 🙂 ❤


  6. So very sorry for your loss, Joseph. You did the best thing one could do for your dear friend – you helped him overcome his fear and start his journey. We are so much more than our physical body, and so much more than any religion or philosophy we pursue. The one whom people call God is an eternal mercy and love, and His glory is to give the eternal life to all His children. Fear not, I pray for the Comforter to be by your side.


  7. Joseph… I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss of such a cherished one… Please feel all of our hands holding yours in this moment of sadness… Know that we will all be together again… closer and happier then we ever could be on earth…
    You are in my thoughts and prayers…

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