Before and after……which one?

Simon and Garfunkel made the original of  The sounds of silence.  The new version follows below with the old version after that.  Which version do you like?

Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Another remake is Eurythmic’s ( Annie Lennox ) first the new version and then followed by the old version.

Kate Miller-Heidke – Love Is A Stranger (recorded live in May, 2013)

Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger



56 responses to “Before and after……which one?

      • There’s something irreplaceable about original stuff, don’t you think?I’m not a fan of remixes. Too old school for my own good at times 🙂


      • Most old version I like only because I was born in that era and music you hear when you are growing up is irreplaceable and you can’t replace the original. I’m not a fan of remixes either but the sound of silence the new version is progressive to me. I’m a progressive person at times. The old version to me sounds a little bit whiny as where the new version is a very powerful sing.


  1. Well, that was a surprise! I’m old, so I automatically thought, “I know I’ll prefer the original”. I must say I was singing the harmony with the newer version but I loved it. That guy’s voice captured the emotion of the song better. .. It’s haunting. Just loved it. (Sounds of Silence) Thanks for that! :).

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    • You’re welcome. The new version of the sound of silence is a more powerful sing. Although some may call it screaming at the end, I view it as singing and compared to a lot of female artist that yell it is called singing. You are right it is haunting. Thanks for commenting.


      • His name is David Michael Draiman and his band is called disturbed. Get ready for this they are a heavy metal band. I watched a couple of videos and they don’t seem like heavy metal to me. Now we can tell everybody we like Heavy metal LOL


      • My kids’ll never believe I even listened to a Heavy Metal song. . . In fact, if you’d stated that it was sung by a Heavy Metal singer I probably wouldn’t have listened Ha, ha! That fellow has an unforgettable sound. Learn something new every day, eh?? 😉

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      • Yes we do learn something everyday. He does have a nice voice for sure. Yes I would have not listened to it if I found out it was a heavy metal band either. Heavy metal sounds like your banging pots and pans….You can call yourself progressive and dress the part Ha ha ha.


  2. You know I love them both for their place in time! I grew up with Simon & Garfunkel but I love Disturbed’s emotional take on the lyrics. The same way I can watch Romeo & Juliet be performed by multiple actors. Each a brand new work in its own right.

    When I grew up the Brill Building (Tin Pan Alley) produced the lyrics and ALL the current stars recorded the same songs. It wasn’t bad or good, it just was. I love that we have things reinterpreted from time to time. For me it can be like seeing a song/poem/play/movie in an entirely different light.

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  3. I love the original for the purity of the message. I enjoy the remake because it is perfectly punctuated and presented to parallel the rise and fall of the visual story that accompanies the vocals.

    Which I prefer depends on whether I want to hear the message for myself or watch the story as interpreted by another body. Both are preferable when the conditions are right, both are genius in their own right, even if one genius came before to lay the groundwork for a different group of genius to use in the creation of a deeper, more encompassing work of art.


  4. I love the disturbed version better, though the original is a fave the emotionality pulls me in.
    Have you listened to the cover album by Johnny Cash? Oh, wow! Hurt is amazing. So are others, but Hurt is my fave.
    Seems that I’m into covers lately….No Ordinary Love by Deftones is also hot! Oh, and Simple Man is also my fave take of that song.

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  5. I’m an original girl all the way. Remakes take away from the essence of a song, the way the singer truly feels. Much like poetry. Would you let someone else read your words aloud? Only you truly know how you felt when you wrote the verse 😃

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  6. The lead singer’s voice and addition of tribal drums (among other things) make the disturbed song sound more powerful. The Sound of Silence was the first real song my mother taught me how to play on the piano. She didn’t particularly care for the song, but thought it was more important to pass on her love of music than taste in music. She was a true artist.

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  7. I like the new version of the Sound of Silence. It has force, strength, and more artistic in the style it was performed by the band. If i have my outdoor sound system set up and used, the sound would be more convincing, powerful and solid. The old version was lively and it has its own merits being the original……. I’ve got to listen again.

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