The unconscious, conscious of consciousness


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The unconscious, conscious of consciousness

     I sit limp as a sack in my pondering chair. I droop over and yet the

coffee does not pass my lips to give me a jump start to the day of promises not kept.

I sit limp as a sack as the day unfolds, pondering karmic debts,

lessons of life plans, and of consciousness, which swirls in the cauldron of

metaphysical soup. I droop, yet I yearn for simplicity. A simple

word, a simple sentence, a simple life: humanity has made it so complicated.

   I still sit limp as a sack thinking of consciousness, thinking of

everybody and how we are all one; despite the wording, the labels and being numbered

and held in our prison of separateness which serves no purpose in the grid of

consciousness. The more awaken people are the more the consciousness is present. I

invite you, as I raise myself and shuffle across the floor to the coat rack of

physicality. I invite you to zip off your skin and hang it up as

limp as I feel. Cast away all flesh from the bones and let your

bones be hung as a wind chime to lure the next incarnation. Are we not

looping from one civilization gone before us? When we reincarnate are we not looping

over with past lives increasing consciousness from our former lives if you believe in


   Still sitting limp as a sack as more ideas swirl in my head. I wonder, if

we were created by a God then are we not part and parcel of the wholeness of

creation, allowing consciousness to recreate our ourselves, being part of the whole.

Did we not acquire awareness or consciousness after creation or did we have

consciousness in the first place? Are we now incarnated upon earth at this particular

time to expand our consciousness which has separated from the whole and at one time

we were free on earth: now we are breaking the bonds of being sheople (Followers of

authority without questioning, a system of inequity, a system of bondage) to set

ourselves free with consciousness? With this last view of us creating us, then

consciousness was always there and we fell asleep with distractions and at this

moment in time we are expanding our consciousness further, until our civilization

ends and therefore creating another loop once again with the same set of

consciousness, until we know we don’t have to separate from creation to gain

consciousness not withstanding to be conscious of it which becomes part of

consciousness. It stands to say how we are awakened to consciousness would be to

write in minute detail your whole life, and the incidents and experiences that

impressed upon you which led to your awakening.

P.S  If we are to believe also that science tells us that the universe is an illusion

then people who are awakening and having consciousness might be a tool to get

ourselves out of this illusion.

Everyone is awake, just not in the way people view consciousness

Questions that I pose to myself and having my mind stretched and doing mundane things

and great things. This has always been my awakening in terms of my own

consciousness. Everyone has their own ideas of consciousness of awakening which

there are no road maps handed down for a particular awakening and of consciousness.

In silence my awakening occurred.  I no longer I sit limp as a sack for I know I am

still and in stillness my consciousness awakens!

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to  for another interesting of awakening.

Be well my friends



31 thoughts on “The unconscious, conscious of consciousness

  1. A beautiful poem-story of your ever expanding mind as it stretches and allows you to experience mundane and great things in your life and come to the magnificent realisation that you are consciousness, awake and one with all creation. Love to you and thank you so much for your contribution, Barbara x

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