One year blogging and 500 th follower

I wasn’t going to post the subject of a year blogging with WordPress, I don’t like to make a fuss, but I changed my mind because of the encouragement from a fellow blogger. It is my one year blogging anniversary February 6, 2016. The time has passed quickly, and bit me on the butt so to speak, when I found the well wishes from WordPress in my comments. What sticks out to me during the time blogging within this year is the friendliness of people, and of course what I like the most is the laughter not to mention reading such diversity of blogs. I read too much. I like every post I have read and made comments as well to fellow bloggers. The reason I don’t comment often is too many comments become run of the mill, and when you are receiving too many comments it may be expected and takes the thrill out. I want to thank you for following me, I really appreciate your kindness and I’m sure I will gather fond memories within my next year of blogging.

1 Year Anniversary Achievement

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On the same day of my blogiversary I also was informed of my 500 th follower which is Annette Rochelle Alben You can follow her blog at I also want to thank my followers and I am appreciative for taking the time on your journey to follow me. Thank you. Be well my friends


500 Follows!
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77 responses to “One year blogging and 500 th follower

  1. Happy Anniversary Joseph! You’ve been a beautiful addition to the blogging community. Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and support☺️ . Wishing you another year of great blogging and success.πŸƒπŸ‚πŸπŸŒΎHugs🌹


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