Recognition Blogger Award ( Get to know me a little better )




I want to thank Robert M Goldstein for nominating me for The Blogger Recognition Award.  You can view Robert’s website at   where you will view a variety of topics on mental issues, art, videos, writings. flickr and much more but the site has excellent posts on making one aware of mental illness and the issues they face.



The Blogger Recognition Award is a way to say thank you to bloggers who inspire and support other bloggers.

Rule number one: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog–  Done!

Rule Number Two: Provide a link to the award creator.

Rule Number Three: Nominate fifteen other bloggers, (or more) excluding yourself and the person who nominated you.

The bloggers that I’ve nominated for this award inspire me by the way they interact with and support other bloggers. I can easily make a list six times as long as this.All bloggers inspire me by the way they interact with and support other bloggers that is why there are so many bloggers that I would like to nominate.  I leave it up to the bloggers to claim this award and I will be more than happy to nominate you.  Reason I don’t nominate is that many are award free and many do not accept the award.  I accept these awards as a venue to let people know a little bit more about myself.




There is only one question I received with this award.

Rule #4 State why you started your blog.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started a blog on WordPress and no idea why I started except to showcase my poetry.  It was a learning curve and still is in many respects.  I started blogging February 11, 2015 and no I will not have a blogiversary party, OK maybe.  At first I didn’t know what categories were nor tags.  I since found out what categories do but I don’t know the full extent of tags do or what they are good for.  Never looked into it except when I filled out the tags people that I was not following were hitting on my site. I don’t know if there is any correlation to that or it was plain coincidence.   I don’t know where to look to see where my tags are located anywhere else than on my site..
I was on WordPress 2 years ago and did not much care for WordPress and left a week after I started.  This time was a different story.  It is not everybody that likes poetry so I included some different posts to break up the routine of posting poetry only.  And so began my blogging career.  l learn technical commands ( I still ask friends for help once in awhile,  Thanks Karin )   I am not computer savvy but when I learn how to do things I do not forget what I learned.
I have met a lot of wonderful people on the blogosphere and love to interact with them old and new and I thank everyone for following me.  It has been a pleasure.


44 responses to “Recognition Blogger Award ( Get to know me a little better )

    • Yes that rule is kind of interesting. These awards take a bit to do if you nominate. I break the rule and let people nominate themselves and I’ll list them on my site to give them a bit of exposure. 🙂


      • I always appreciate the nomination but I feel at times people tend to target blogs with a larger following in the hopes of receiving attention. I find these are the same people that create posts about not having any followers. I’ve been nominated a few times by blogs I haven’t seen post in a long time nor were they people I interacted with.

        Quality brings quantity. People always respond to genuine well written posts.

        Hope you are well my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I agree with you but most of my awards came from people that I have a relationship with however I have received a couple of award where I just joined their blog. It is one of those thins. I just accept the awards to let people know me a little better through the questions. Although I don’t nominate people anymore I let them let me know they want the award and I will list them in the award. I’m a rule breaker in that respect. be well.


  2. Cool then, I´ll nominate myself also. If it could be for the Pulitzer prize all the better. You do get dome dough with it, no?

    Anyways and anyhows, i myself don´t accept the awards. It´s already quite intersting that people would suffer to read my crazy writing. My award is that, that actually people would read my nutty thing.

    To get to the point, is there any money involved here?,,,,,,,


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