Nature Photos

I’m introducing purple imaged Nature Photos and dedicating them to Lyn ( Long story)  from:

Lynz Real Cooking (Lyn) who has a blog about  recipes but her stories of her life in the middle east in the past will enthrall you as they held me captive as well.  A veritable culture shock to say the least and her admiration for her courage against adversity.  On her blog are her recipes that she came up with to feed 9 children.  Please visit her blog at and sink your teeth into deliciousness.












All images URL provided upon request


50 responses to “Nature Photos

  1. Oh I just adore Lynz Real Cooking. This is a beautiful honorable thing you do with purple for Lynz.

    Her life story is so interesting as it takes place in a country and culture so unknown yo me and she tells it as it real. ANd then serves delicious food.

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