Silent Night ( Acrostic Poem )




Silent Night ( Acrostic )


S – ilence is

I – nviting

L – ove

E- verywhere and

N – ever

T – aking


N – obody for granted

I – n the

G –reatest

H – our of

T – heir humble lives



19 responses to “Silent Night ( Acrostic Poem )

      • Is your channeler around today? I’m wondering about my lower back, it’s sore, seems to me like a blocked chakra that’s showing itself n the physical realm as back pain.
        I feel the energy of everything and everyone, and even earthquake and volcanic eruptions, with the challenges facing the earth (climate change, environmental devastation, wars, poverty, homelessness, starvation, etc.), I’m wondering if your channel guides have any advice for me to be sensitive, however, to be air conditioned too: to have compassion and at the same time, to be in the place of peace within me.

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    • Being a sensor is not easy on the body as being a sensor you will receive negativity as well as positive. It seems you are receiving negativity more at this moment. Ask yourself where you carry stress. Is it in your back? Everyone carries in different parts of their bodies. Learn to turn the sensing off. Ways to do this is to listen to meditation music or do anything you enjoy to do. If you are not one for walking…..start walking there is many gifts you will see on your way. Again learn to turn off the sensor within you. You will benefit tremendously from this. Air conditioning is false air. Many people find themselves in ill health as many do get colds. I can’t be in air conditioning too long. I would rather take the heat anyday but I am aware that people live in tremendous heat as well. Find your peace centre and create a peace centre for the next time your sensor if filled you can go quickly inside to this peace centre. Be well my friend

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      • That’s fasinating. I never thought about turning the sensor off, it seemed to me that being highly sensitive is a good thing, but I see what you mean, it has it’s distressing side too, I want to live in my own energy.

        I meant air conditioning like in beng detached, not actual fans, etc., but an inner detachment at the same time as a sensitivity.

        Yes, walking is great, the only problem is that the town I live in has way too many people use wood heat and the wood is not dried correctly, it’s wet wood and it smokes up the entire town, day and night because of the clouds it adds up and makes for awful walks, I’ve never lived in a place where the air was too awful to walk in during the winter, in fact, one of the doctors who used to work in this area moved to Vancouver of all things, he too was allergic to wood smoke.
        I do Chi Quang and such but it’s not the same as going outdoors.

        Do your channels think a move might be a good idea, and to where?

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      • Channelers will not tell you one way or any other way what you should do and not do with important decisions. It will come from your heart to choose whether you want to move or not. It sounds like the town you live in is however detrimental to you. I would also concern myself in finding Peace outlets for the next time one gets overloaded with a surge of negativity. Explore and find other sources of peace.

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