Happy Holidays everyone

Christmas the message always seems to be Good will to all men.  I would like to see these sentiments throughout the remainder of our lives on this earth.

I have gone through small and big life altering situations this year, some know it all and only a few know.   I had to travel back east to take care of for my father until he passed away and also to stay with my mother for one month before flying back home to resume my life back to normal. Well it did not stop there- more occurrences accumulated afterwards.  After reflection on everything I was propelled into a more awaken consciousness. One which will accompany me on the rest of my journey upon the earth plane.


I want to thank you all for following me it means a great deal to me.  We always should say it more and add to the good will to all men.  I leave you with images and a video.  Happy Holidays to everyone and a Happy New year to all.  See y all in the New Year.












37 responses to “Happy Holidays everyone

  1. Happy Holidays to you Joseph… May your holiday be filled with love and laughter. It’s been a pleasure knowing you through the blogosphere💞💞💞💞💞💞hugs

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  2. I’ve got some good news for you: the problem I had about not being able to walk outside during the winter due to dirty (wet wood, not droid for long enough) smoke, was solved today by a Christmas gift from a firefighter: I was given cotton mask with activated charcoal in it that blocks the smoke, it’s the same mask firefighters use when they fight fires in the forests.

    I went for a gorgeous walk outside and I really wished that I had taken my camera because the lake had golden light on it from the sun’s reflection, very magical.

    So, I’m going to continue to live here, it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and now that I can walk every day in the winter (with my new mask), I’ll enjoy it all year round.

    Thanks for the channeling you did for me this year, it’s been really helpful and I felt blessed by it afterwards, your channels send blessings with the messages.

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    • Thank you. I am pleased Spirit spoke to you in the way of masks to wear outside. You’ll be able to go outside and take more photos of gifts of nature and also a peace point for yourself. I’m pleased I was able to help and again Happy holidays

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