Quotes challenge. Nominated by Raina

I have just been nominated for a three day Quote Challenge from Raina   https://saharaina.wordpress.com/   You may view her quote challenges when you view her blog and also you will glean wonderful writings.  I am honored that she chose me and as I break the rules I will be posting the three day challenge into one day being 9 quotes in one entry.  If anyone wants to join the quotes challenge feel free to contact me and I will put you on the list.




























17 responses to “Quotes challenge. Nominated by Raina

  1. Words fail me Joseph but tears do not… Good tears, cathartic tears. You and Eddie (Two Hawks) both seem to be whispering to my heart this morning. It isn’t rocket science to see the signs where gossip and malicious intent have passed. I’ve been so downcast these past couple days. Strengthened again somewhat by the words of two kind and gentle souls who always seem to have a truth to convey.
    Silence does speak and only the most attuned ear can hear truth.

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    • I’m pleased that I am a comfort to you and that these quotes speak to you. Yes gossip is one of those things that spark readily and once the fire started is hard to put out. Only a wise person will stop it at themselves and see it for what it is. Hang in there sweetie. Feel yourself hugged. You know where I am. XX

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