Get to know me a little more – Second nomination award for Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 new answers

I have been nominated for the Dragon’s loyalty award for a second time in a week.  I appreciate the nomination from  Karin whose blog is a blog one must visit for her delicious writing, her tongue in cheek which she supplies with numerous styles of prose and poetry.  Go find yourself in her candy writing store.  Follow the link provided    (The eclectic poet ).  While you are there see yourself to her Dragon’s Loyalty Award and get to know her a little bit with the question asked of her.  Also click on her photo (right hand side in sidebar) and you can view the four website she maintains.  Click on the following link to also see Karin’s craft of writing with her many books she has published.



The rules are:

•Display the award on your blog.
•Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
•Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
•Link your nominations in the post.
•Write 7 interesting things about you.


Here are the seven answers to the one question which is to tell you seven things of myself you did not know.

1. As a hobby I go to thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets to buy inexpensive furniture to be refurbished.  I then turn around and sell them or re-gift the furniture to friends.  Usually a coat of paint and some sanding is all that is needed.  I do sell the pieces to the public. Like I said this is just to keep me creatively engaged.

2. Favorite foods are Greek food, Lasagna, Ham and Scalloped potatoes is the request of most of my friends who comes for supper.  I don’t have a choice in the matter as they dictate to me what they want.  This is why I don’t introduce new dishes to them such as Thai food and Chinese food which I have learned to cook recently.  I also love some Mexican foods.

3. I live in the neighborhood that is the warmest in all of Canada.  Although we had snow yesterday as per usual it melts before hitting the ground and we can boast that for three consecutive years we have had no snow.  It is strange but we have limited snow shovels in the winter and limited air conditioner in the summer that are available to the consumer in most stores.  It is like they don’t exist.  If snow hits everyone scrambles for snow shovels which are gone off the shelf when that snow hits the ground and stays.

4. I like visiting old cemeteries when traveling abroad or the cemeteries in the town I live in or surrounding areas, I like to wander in them .  They are good fodder to write about the people that have died.  Their age and then you can make up their lives etc until their deaths.  The oldest I have visited a cemetery that dates upon its opening in 1764.

5. I love pumpkins.  I am pumpkin crazy.  I don’t know if its the orange color associated with Halloween.  Maybe but I love pumpkins at the harvest season also.  In a previous house which had 12 stairs before you got to the porch.  I carved 24 pumpkins up and down the stairs, not to mention the pumpkins on the porch on the wide railing (I ft) and in the front garden in and among the plants and at the gate itself at the bottom of the columns and at the top also.  It took me three days starting when I came home from work until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I also carved not a lot when I got up in the morning as well.  At harvest time I will make pumpkin soup and pies and even can pumpkin for something different for a dessert being pumpkin pie in the winter.

6. I scavenge the beaches around our town.  I pick up sea glass for wind chimes.  I pick up rocks in the shape of hearts again wind chimes and other projects that I use stone hearts for.  I pick up drift wood which I made two Santas and one Grinch for Christmas this year.

7. As you can tell I am a very creative.  I get bored if I am not creative and I will look for projects I can do without too much cost.  I am continuously expanding my pool for creativity.  I do a lot of creative projects not listed here both for the home and garden.



As for nominations I will be open to receiving being contacted to put you on the list for nominations.  When I fill out these awards people decline.  Therefore most of the awards I will receive I will only answer the questions section.

Again a big thank you to Karin at the eclectic poet for having nominated me.  I am honored and you can follow Karin at


20 responses to “Get to know me a little more – Second nomination award for Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 new answers

  1. It is nice to know and your kind word well receive. You were on my nomination list but having nominated you for another award months ago you declined. That is why I rarely do the nominations list anymore but I leave it open. You are a must read also.

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