Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 questions to know me better

I’ve been nominated for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Electra from    https://thenymphsreplyblog.wordpress.com/       a must site to visit.  I have received a few awards in the past for which I am thankful and lately when receiving these awards I do not nominate anybody but I leave the door open if they want to be nominated then I will add them to the list although with this award I have nominated people.  When I nominate people they decline mostly.  Thanks again Electra and people do visit her blog that showcase powerful blogging and and mind crunching poetry which will leave you in awe.  You will not be disappointed.


The rules are:

•Display the award on your blog.
•Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
•Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
•Link your nominations in the post.
•Write 7 interesting things about you.

7 things about myself

1.  I am a professional landscaper and have done numerous designs for cities and home owners as well.  The problem is every homeowner wants the look they see in magazine not knowing that a makeover of a yard includes plants blooming all at once while you see plants in the magazine design that don’t bloom at that time. Not only that they want a high maintenance garden like mine which is a showcase but do not want to devote time to it.  Sometimes it can be frustrating.

2. I was called the chosen one from two different people not related to me.  One was a former catholic nun as I entered her home she pointed at me and said I was the chosen one.  Whatever that means and thought that all catholic had a highway to heaven so I was told.  I was staying on a native reservation for two weeks.  My friend took me to a friend’s house and upon entering the door an elderly woman ( A medicine woman or Witch doctor ) said and pointed at me that I was the chosen one.  I’m still waiting here to be the chosen one at what..????

3. I apparently have cerulean eyes but when I look in the mirror I see dark grey starring back at me but I am told over and over they are not dark at all and that they are a greenish blue….the color never shows up in pictures.  I still say they are grey.

4. I am a good cook and people have been known to undo their pants at the dining room table thinking I don’t see what they are doing   It is comical seeing them trying to button up their pants nonchalantly trying not to be discovered when we move to softer seats in the livingroom.

5. I have the ability to see past the object I select.  I may buy a bowl that is shallow and use it as a birdbath.  I have been doing this since a young age and it works for me and my friends tell me they never get anything that I am able to select in a thrift store.  They have no imagination.  I have to resign myself to knowing that some people do not have imagination.

6. I have 7 poetry book and numerous children’s story books ready to be published.  This will probably take place in the New Year.

7. When I was a child and didn’t want to go to school and wanted to stay home I used to put my head close to the furnace floor grate while having a blanket over me so my body would get hot as well.  When my mother came downstairs she would ask what I was doing sleeping on the couch.  I told her I was sick and she would feel my forehead.  I got to stay home  Wink!

And the Nominees are…

I would love to nominate people but most people I nominated in the past did not participate or were award free blogs.  If you want to be nominated by me please go to the contact me box on the main page.  I will then put you on the list.  Step right up and don’t be shy.

http://lynzrealcooking.com/    A delightful cooking blog along with her stories of the middle east will keep you entranced with a full belly

http://carisaadrienne.com/   You will delight in Carisa’s poetry and her kindness in reblogging  other people’s posts.  She also has amazing gifs.

https://amitpoetry.wordpress.com/   Visit Amit’s blog and he will entice you in thinking deeply while writing down to earth poetry.

https://prospermind.wordpress.com/   Visit prospermind’s blog and you will be delighted with his poetry and his ability to rhyme.

https://mirnamorgan62.wordpress.com/  Mirna will tantalize you with her down to earth and passionate writing of poetry.  Be sure to visit.

https://hooklineandinkwell.wordpress.com/   Please visit this website and you will get the flavor of witty poetry and other types of poetry as well

Again please visit Electra’s website.  You will not regret it.    https://thenymphsreplyblog.wordpress.com/


29 responses to “Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 questions to know me better

  1. I’m so glad you accepted the award (you are so deserving!). I loved reading about you and the wonderful things you had to say about other bloggers. Thank you for the kind words that were aimed toward lil’ ol’ me — with a smile on my lips and a blush covering my cheeks, I say thank you. 🙂


  2. I love it. Thanks for share part of your self with us. I enjoy that you are so creative. I use to plant gardens for seasonal people back when I could do the work. Like you say, they never want to do the work to keep it looking as they see in a picture. hugs


  3. I’m always late to the party. I’m going to try and fill this out. I’ve only done one other award. I’ve been nominated numerous times but always feel I don’t know what to say. I’m honored every time someone thinks enough to nominate me. If you don’t already know… I love all your work. I’m a huge fan. I will try and make you proud. I’ve got errands to do today but I will work on it when I have a few. ;). Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am beginning to bump into you on blogs and decided to check you out. Your award answers are fascinating and I suspect we have much in common. I have three geriatric cats that we brought from Egypt and I love middle-eastern food. I guess you live in the UK and I did for a long time but now am settled in Texas, the land of some of my ancestors. Great blog and nice to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Kerry yes we do have some events of life that are similar. Kudos for you bringing back 3 geriatric cats. I’m taking it they have a better life now. I love Greek food although I am not adverse trying new things twice over. I live on an Island in the far west of Canada. The island is called Vancouver Island not to be mistaken for the metropolis of Vancouver which is 20 miles by ferry to reach the town of Nanaimo where I live. Thank you for the compliment on my blog and it is a pleasure to meet you as well.


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