Haiku – Boo!






Flying ghosts

Eerie awareness

Bunch of sheets



16 responses to “Haiku – Boo!

      • Gladly!
        Oh well, out of the six weeks I’ve been here, four of them I spent sick in my room. I love Shanghai, but for some reason I’m frequently getting sick and have no energy for anything. I can’t seem to get better, I’ve been to the hospital and all. So yes, exciting stuff. I will try to write something on the travel blog, but for now I really have to focus on getting better and on not falling behind in all of my university classes here, they’re so fast here, it’s hard to keep up.
        I hope you’re well, I miss spending my time here on WP reading and having conversations. I wish I had more time, but hopefully when I’ve found my rhythm here I’ll be able to be back here more often. I hope you’re well my friend!


      • I am well. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost. You are number 1 in your books. There are a lot of people in China and it is no wonder you are sick all the time with a bug one after the other. If they have hot and sour soup there that is probably the best thing for a bug. Focus on your university that is the second most important. Your time on wordpress when you have the time. It will still be here when you have more free time. If you don’t don’t feel guilty about it like I said your health and then university are the two most important presently. Be well my friends

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