Halloween Candy from the past – dare to be outed!

Big fear back then-razors put into apples


Corn candy


Candy necklace


Bazooka gum


Candy kisses


Candy and Caramel apples



And of course Halloween paper bags that unwrapped and wrapped candy were put in.



23 responses to “Halloween Candy from the past – dare to be outed!

  1. I remember we would never eat apples if we got them for Halloween because of the fear of razer blades – where did that come from? I also remember those brown chewy candies that nobody ever wanted. Trick or treat! Harlon

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    • lol The fear arose because there were children that did get apples with razors in them. Mama used to cut them up and told us never to eat any apples until we brought them home. I vaguely remember in our home town of an incident with razor blades in apples. Be well.

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  2. wow… this is so amazing… we don’t have such huge celebration during Halloween… In the Philippines once the “ber” months arrive, christmas decors are everywhere in the malls and some houses… 🙂 not so with halloween…sounds fun 🙂

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