Sunshine Award – A little of myself revealed again

I am honored to accept the Sunshine Award from the very talented writer Jennifer Calvert.  One must go to her blog to read words that will melt your soul and wow you with the way she writes.
Please visit her site at:
I’m not one to follow rules with being nominated for awards.  The first breaking of the rules I nominate everyone that follows my blog.  Should you want to be nominated for the award please email me at    I will be more than happy to nominate you on your blog.
Here are the questions that will reveal a little bit more of myself that I have written with every award that I was nominated for.
Questions for my nominees:
1: Who are your favorite published authors?  There are so many it would be hard to pick as my spectrum of reading varies quite a bit and I am influenced by many.  I think a big influence for me is Omar Khayyam who is a poet living through his poetry.  He has been dead for a very long time.  This poetry was pivotal in my life and I never tire reading his poetry.

2: What did you want to grow up to accomplish in your life?   I have done so much in such a short time that it boggles my mind.  I wanted to write and here I am writing.  Next step publication.

3: What are your favorite Movies?   To be honest I don’t go to movies.  The last movie that I saw was over 12 years ago.  I know I should get out more

4: If you got to choose your last meal in life, what would it be?  Scalloped potatoes and ham.  The way I make them.  Always a guaranteed hit when I cook this combination.  With my last meal I would like to be alone reading Omar Khayyam then dying ever so eloquently to the floor but in slow motion.

5: What is your favorite temperature?   I would love to live in a tropical country but able to grow my garden with the plants that I have where I live.   Nice temperature not hot nor cool at night.

6: Introvert or Extrovert?  Introvert when I was young.  Somewhere along the way I became an extrovert with introvert tendencies.

7: What are your favorite past times?  Landscaping, gardening, being on the net reading.

8: What about yourself would you change if you could?  Well if I said money and many millions then I would think winning that much money would change my life drastically.  I am happy with my life now.  I wouldn’t say no to some money but not that much that would alter my life.

9: What scares you the most?  Ignorance = Fear

10: Why do you blog?  I have fun blogging it is like a hobby.  It is also a way to see how your writing is and has become.  The maturity of writing over a period of time.  More or less that you have come into your own.

11: Who is your favorite musician?  Again too many to list.  I love a variety of genre


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