Something to write home about

Bosnian Sculptor Transforms Tips Of Pencils Into Unique Pieces Of Art
The sculptures below come from Jasenko Đorđević, of TOLDart. He is an award-winning Bosnian sculptor who can turn a pencil into a priceless piece of art. To do this he used an X-Acto knife alongside a small chisel. These thought-provoking works of art speak for themselves.
It’s amazing how creative human beings are, and how so many of us have this natural drive to create art. It seems as if children today are discouraged from pursuing a pastime as ‘frivolous’ as art, instead told to go to school, study ‘serious’ subjects like math and science, and get a good job (whatever that means). That’s why it’s always great to share something like this.


27 responses to “Something to write home about

  1. Wonderful artwork thanks for sharing… Yes it’s a pity they forget to teach our kids to be creative… IAM myself setting up creative projects to take into local schools… To give them a little insight into the magnificent consciousness… Barbara

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