Haiku – Twinflames






Fire consuming

Soul in oneness




20 responses to “Haiku – Twinflames

      • I know the ache… I’ve been there but it lessen with the time at least for me because we are communicating again… We went for along time with no communication and that was the most painful ever… Never know pain like that in my entire life…

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      • Did you experience the drama and the rejection as well… For me we fought so bad I never thought we would ever talk to each other again much less be kind and supportive the way we are now… Even though once in awhile he still pushes my button but I stop reacting to it the way I used to and he pushes my button lesser and lesser because of that… We are actually very supportive of each other now. I can’t believe how kind he is at times because the separation and the fight was such a long and trying period. For a longtime I held some bitterness over it.

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      • Yes it wasn’t a pretty site. When I moved away he did not get my address at all. That was the only of a peace path for me. I think about that person once in awhile but time erodes people from your mind most often. Be well.

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    • Thank you Ann for your Kindness. It is much appreciated. One person was vehement about me using pictures at all. I disagreed and lost him as a liker but that is Ok. That is his choice. I am pleased you like the photos that accompany the poetry. Be well. I will visit your blog again.


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