Drowning in dreams of duality
Coloured by fears, battled each day
Flooded by thoughts of reality
Saturated with tears that constantly bleed
Sinking below, to a sea of tranquility
Her demon appears, bigger than life
Treading, in a glow of spirituality
Piercing she hears, daggers, penetrating
Her heart with precision and finality
In peace, among celestial spheres
She now floats with liberality
She thinks, duality with a crimson essence
Bites into infinity’s soul
Reality licked into illusion
Poison pen thoughts so cold
Tranquility’s bell has faintly rung
Shattering golden words that were foretold
Spirituality etching itself sublimely
No freedom, Spirituality is but a mold
Finality contradicts infinity
Two worlds that intertwine into the fold
Liberality she thought with a smirk
“I can play both,” licking her lips she said being bold


A Collaboration  ~  The Spiritkeepers  and  Ax
Please visit Ax’s site for more mind delicacy.  It was a pleasure collaborating with him and he is an amazing writer with creative expressions that tentacalizes your essence with images set forth to your mind as to where you want to read his writings more than once.  Like I said please visit Ax at https://persoinpoesia2015.wordpress.com/   Enjoy roaming through his playground.  Be well my friends


10 responses to “Duality

    • Thank you Oscar it is very kind of you to say. Yes the topic for this collaboration is one that can go on forever from different angles. This collaboration is a first for me and enjoyable .I I enjoy your work as well. Keep up the excellent work

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